Fingerprint scanner briefcase

Front of the briefcase

This briefcase is fitted with an electronic lock and a fingerprint reader so as to be unlocked with a simple touch. It also features a bluetooth module, which enables unlocking using a smartphone or computer.

The briefcase is powered by three 18650 Lithium Ion batteries whose lifespan I haven't had the opportunity to check. Should they start running out of capacity, the red LED at the front of the case will blink. Additionally, the battery level can be checked at all time via bluetooth. Also, if the battery level isn't sufficient to drive the lock, external 12V can be applied using a DC socket on the side of the case.

With all of its embedded electronics, I would recommend not trying to board a plane with this briefcase...

Here are the parts used:

The source code this project is available on GitHub. Interfacing with the fingerprint reader is done using the Adafruit fingerprint reader library