Finances management web app

My bank offers a web interface to check balance history of my account. However, the history is limited to about a year back from the current date. This is probably done in an effort to save storage space on the bank's servers. However, owning my own server, I figured I could free myself from such limitations so I made my own web app to monitor my bank account balance history using PHP and JS.

The app is fairly simple: It parses .csv files that my bank provides which contain the balance history over a given of time. The parsed data is then fed into a MySQL database. For vizualisation purpose, the data is then displayed in the form of a graph implemented as an HTML canvas, drawn onto by JS. Additionally, the app lets the user download a .csv backup of the complete data, formatted in the same way as the original .csv files provided by the bank.

For security purpose, the app also features an authentication method in the form of a simple username - password combination.


Source code

Available on GitHub soon...