Whereabouts bulletin board

Example of a whereabouts bullein board. Picture from banban.jp

Sometimes at work, you get a phone call from someone asking to talk to one of your colleagues. However, you it's already challenging enough to remember one's own schedule so how would you know if the colelague in question is available and nearby, on a business trip or having a day off?

A company I worked for had a whereabouts bulletin board. It's basically a whiteboard where people write where they are next to a magnet with their name written on it. On top of that, the magnet has two sides: a red one meaning the person is currently absent and a white for when in the office.

Although this might sound like a good idea, it suffers from a major drawback: If you're out of the office for a business trip, then you obviously can't go to the bulletin board to write it down. To solve this issue, I made a digital version of the bulletin board in the form of web app accessible from anyone's computer or smartphone.

The app is served by Node.js using the express module while the front end has been built using Vue.js. The whereabouts and presence data is stored in a MongoDB database and is synchronized between the server and the connected clients using socket.io.

Screensot of the application

This app offers an API so that the update of the bulletin board can be automated via external scripts or even IoT devices. For example, I made it so I can use an IoT RFID readers to toggle my presence status upon reading my employee card.

The soure code is available on GitHub